Never register a .us domain

Thanks to an asinine rule by Registry Services, LLC, all .us domains are required to use your actual contact information for your whois information.

Proxy, or privatized registrations, are not permitted under current policy. The usTLD has an ongoing interest in ensuring that its top-level domain is administered in a secure manner and that the information contained within the authoritative database is reliable, accurate, and up-to date. One of the mechanisms to ensure the integrity of the .US namespace is the through the collection of true registrant information. The usTLD Registry employs an algorithm to detect the inadvertent or intentional registration of proxy, anonymous and/or private domain name registrations, and enforces a registrar’s obligation to not offer such services to .US domain name registrants.

Because of this, you will be inundated with spam phone calls from overseas developers pitching their services to you.

In the span of a little over two days, I’ve had at least 18 calls with some relatively rude ‘developers’ who are looking for my business.

I regret registering the .us domain that I got last week. I thought it would be a fun little side thing instead it’s opened me up to non-stop spam phone calls

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